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Chicago Immigration Lawyer for J-1Visas

Participating in an international exchange program or internship is a thrilling experience. You get to live in a new country, meet new people, see new cities and experience everyday life in another nation. However, it is also a legal matter best addressed with the help of a competent Chicago immigration lawyer. At William Newell Siebert, P.C., we offer help to people throughout the world who are interested in obtaining a J-1 visa.

Participating in an exchange program can be a life-changing experience and broaden your knowledge of the world around you. Ideal for students, exchange programs can help you build friendships that last a lifetime, as well as enable you to enjoy a vast array of cultural activities that you might never have been able to participate in. Our Chicago, Illinois immigration firm is standing by to see how we can assist you.

Information About Getting a J-1 Visa

In the United States, foreign nationals interested in such programs need to apply for a J1 visa. There are multiple types of exchange programs, each with their own rules and requirements. Fortunately, a Chicago immigration lawyer at William Newell Siebert, P.C. can help you determine whether you may qualify and can determine which type will work for you. Categories include teacher, trainee, summer work, research scholar, physician, au pair, camp counselor, and others. At the end of the exchange program, students are required to go back to their countries for at least two years before being able to apply for permanent residence in the United States. Call our office in Chicago, Illinois to get more information about applying. New clients can reach us at (888) 576-7308 and existing clients can reach us at (312) 329-0646 to talk about their case.

Chicago Immigration Attorney

There are several categories within the J1 visa program and each one has specific regulations. Trying to determine which one is right for you and work your way through the complicated application process can be extremely frustrating, as well as risky. By making mistakes on your application, filing out incorrect information or failing to include all the requested items, you reduce the changes of your application being accepted. If you are looking for attorneys in the Chicago, Illinois area with extensive experience helping foreign students obtain J1 visas, William Newell Siebert, P.C. is available to help you navigate the process. Our Chicago immigration lawyer can speak with you and find out what you’re interested in doing, and then work with you every step of the way to give you the best chance possible of successfully getting a J1 visa.

Contact a Chicago J-1 visa attorney for help applying for a visa which will allow you to enter the United States as an exchange trainee.

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