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Green Card Lawyer in Chicago

Interested in applying for a green card? At William Newell Siebert, P.C. in Chicago, we offer experienced help to clients in Chicago and throughout Cicero, Oak Park and Berwyn and are ready to see how we can help you. The "green card" is a valuable prize. When people speak of a green card, they are usually referring to obtaining the legal right to live and work in this country. But things have changed over the years. The card is no longer green. It also must be renewed periodically, usually every 10 years. There are a number of ways that a person can obtain the status of a legal resident but as with most immigration laws there are many requirements to be met. If you want to change your status to that of lawful permanent resident, it is most important that you obtain the services of a skilled Chicago, Illinois immigration attorney who has worked with these laws for a long time.

Obtaining Permanent Residence in Chicago, Illinois

It is important to seek legal advice from a Chicago immigration lawyer regarding any questions or problems with a green card status.  A green card allows certain rights and freedoms to the cardholder such as the ability to leave the country and return.  Any violation of the visa terms can jeopardize the visa status so it is best to consult with an attorney to ensure a green card remains in good standing.  At William Newell Siebert, P.C., an experienced immigration attorney in Chicago can assist clients during the green card and immigration process as follows:

  • Ensure proper and timely submission of applications
  • Attend all interviews with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
  • Intervene and represent when accused of violations or with threat of deportation
  • Visa renewal or the citizenship process

An experienced immigration lawyer at our Chicago, Illinois firm can answer any questions regarding the green card process. It is important to have legal representation during all steps of the green card process including applications and interviews. The green card process can be intimidating to someone unfamiliar with the immigration laws and can he or she can benefit from the professional legal services of William Newell Siebert, P.C. well versed in the law and governmental procedures. We have assisted many clients in Chicago and Cicero, Oak Park and Berwyn obtain green cards and become citizens of the United States when appropriate. At William Newell Siebert, P.C., we work closely with our clients understanding that each immigration situation is different and requires personal attention and competent legal advice.

Contact a Chicago green card attorney with our firm who is practiced and resourceful in resolving difficulties with green cards.

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