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Immigration Law Information & Help in Chicago

In the United States, the immigration laws determine whether a person is an alien and what the rights, obligations, and duties are for aliens residing in the U.S. The laws also provide a way for foreign nationals to become residents or fully naturalized citizens of the U.S. William Newell Siebert, P.C. is experienced in all types of immigration matters and represents many clients throughout the immigration process. It is important to seek legal advice from a trusted Chicago immigration lawyer to ensure no violations of the immigration laws and correct submission of applications. For legal assistance with an immigration matter in Chicago, Illinois or Cicero, Oak Park and Berwyn, our knowledgeable immigration law team at William Newell Siebert, P.C. is ready to help. We have an understanding of the immigration laws and can provide effective professional legal services to our clients regarding their immigration cases.

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If you are being deported, the team at William Newell Siebert, P.C. stands ready to assist you in your fight to stay in the U.S. If you desire citizenship in the United States, we know what is required by the law and assist individuals every step of the way. Our services embrace all immigration needs and goals for clients in Chicago and Cicero, Oak Park and Berwyn in Illinois. The federal laws concerning immigration and related subjects are complex and extensive, and can change from year to year. They involve specific forms and proper documentation which if not correctly managed can end up in needless troubles, delayed outcomes and denied applications. We can offer helpful guidance for Chicago clients in cases related to:

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Resolving immigration issues is often extremely time consuming and requires considerable paperwork. At William Newell Siebert, P.C., we are intimately familiar with the various aspects of the immigration process and will ensure all of the appropriate legal steps are taken to achieve a favorable outcome in your Chicago immigration case. This includes properly preparing and submitting any necessary applications, in addition to professional representation in local and federal courts, and with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and Department of Homeland Security. Lawyers at our Chicago, Illinois firm are skilled litigators that will be strong advocates during hearings and other legal proceedings. Our staff prides itself on providing personalized service to our clients, and will keep you regularly informed and updated regarding the status of your case.

If you are a non-U.S. citizen that has been arrested for a crime, our firm can also provide seasoned legal counsel regarding your criminal case and its impact on your immigration status. You can find out more by visiting our offices at 307 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 924 in Chicago or by calling us at (888) 576-7308 if you are a new client or (312) 329-0646 if you are an existing client.

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